Happy Birthday Ryan 😘


stacejack_son: @brunomars & #TheHooligans earlier today at @chingshotwings @theryankeomaka #mytwin”

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Or fans… xD LMFAO



Anonymous Asked: Hi!Who is Ryan? What is his job?

Ryan is Bruno’s best friend from high school, nowadays he works as his personal assistant

Anonymous Asked: Does Ryan like Bruno's girlfriend (Jessica) in any way? Like ... does he think she is a good girlfriend or just a user?

Idk, maybe you should ask him?! xD

Anonymous Asked: Does Ryan have his own house?

Idk, I guess he’s still living in Bruno’s mansion

Guy’s the baby isn’t Ryan’s chill it’s his sister Ellie’s

Almost at 150 followers.
We cannot thank y’all enough.


So this is Ryan’s girlfriend?

well she was his new year’s kiss… but damn that girl is helllaaa foiiine

Anonymous Asked: is this ryan's new twitter account?? @RyanKeomaka

No, last time I checked that was a fake one, that’s why he called himself @RyanKeomaka1 or something like that

Anonymous Asked: hey what happend with Ryan? he's not longer in twitter :/

yeah.. long time ago he deleted it.. then came back.. but since Bruno’s mum died he isn’t there at all anymore… :/

Anonymous Asked: Didn't lele have that fanfic called love after war or something?? I can't find it and wanted to read it again. Thanks(:

Yes. This is Lele.
Love After War should still be at dontitfeelgoodbaby-ff.tumblr.com

In the meantime, there’s another Ryan fanfic I wrote with a friend of mine almost a year ago (if you wanna read it).

Anonymous Asked: Do U think jessica will be part of Bruno's sisters new tv show?

No cameras are allergic to her